Be Heard and Understood

Be Heard and Understood

Handle your nerves and speak with confidence

Public speaking and executive training
Become a respected communicator

Become a respected communicator

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Voice Coaching for Presentations, Public Speaking, Media and Executive Development Training

You don't have to believe all the stories about being terrified and fearful of public speaking. You don’t have to think you’re a failure for not feeling comfortable when called on to speak. And you certainly don’t need to buy into all the hype about needing to be the world's greatest communicator to get ahead.

No. All you need to be is...Yourself.

Yes…you. Yes…little old you. Yes…you’re good enough. Yes…you can do it. And yes…you are kidding yourself if you think you can’t.

We at The Voice Business have been meeting people just like you for over 30 years…and we can tell you …definitively…that you can public speak.

You talk to people every day don’t you? You talk to family and friends, fellow workers and shop assistants. That’s speaking isn’t it? These people are members of the public aren’t they?

Ok, you say. It’s different when you have to stand up in front of a crowd of staring faces to talk about something you’re not really sure you know well enough. It’s mortifying to feel that you’ve mucked it up, or spoken too fast, or too softly. Or been deathly boring. You don’t want to be humiliated and laughed at and you don’t want to fail in the eyes of your audience.

Maybe you have a strong accent and people look at you blankly because they can’t understand you. …even though you have a master’s degree in engineering in your home country.

Maybe you’re a woman in the boardroom and all the guys are staring at you, checking out if you’ll flinch. Maybe you’re a new manager, introducing yourself to the team for the very first time. Maybe you’re a med student wanting to get through that gruelling interview to advance your career.

Yes, you can learn how to improve your voice, reduce your accent, project confidence and get really good at speaking. Yes, you can get voice coaching, presentation training, public speaking , accent modification and a whole arsenal of tips and techniques to help you perform better. And yes, you can learn to be comfortable in what most people would have you believe is a terrifying situation.

Let’s put your mind at ease.

Just do a course.