Get ready to present.

The end of lockdowns...the New You

Sep 24, 2021 by Contributor - Voice Articles

Time to get ready to flex your presenting muscles as the Covid beast is nearly under vaccination control. Hopefully we can soon come out of hiding behind our Zoom calls and shake the hands of our clients and friends once again. So dust off your business suits and get ready to present yourself to the world  "live".

Get Behind the Mic

The New Deal- Podcasting

Time for fun and games...put that Covid Virus away and play. Time to dream big and resolve to be a better you and inspire others to be their best too. If having your own podcast is something you've been thinking about for awhile...why not make this the year you do something about it. We're here to help you sound great...and it's easier than you think. Learn the voice skills and tech tricks to make your podcast shine and activate a huge positive difference in your level of speaking confidence. Check out


Kindness and Caring

This lockdown is Ruff!

Jul 28, 2021 by Contributor - Voice Articles

Time for spending some quality time with yourself as we enter into more lockdown here in Sydney, Australia. We know some people are feeling a bit down at the moment so we send you all our love. Hopefully soon we'll all be hugging and talking and getting back together. Hang in there.


Getting Married?

The time is right

At long last...time for romance! We've been helping several happy couples and their best men to get ready for their speeches on their big day. Not to mention the nervous Dad who decided he wanted some help too! We wish everyone a very Happy Wedding day and a long and exciting life. Cop that Covid!!  Cheers!

How come my accent has changed ?

Woman wakes up with new accent

 May 10, 2021 by Contributor - Voice Articles

Imagine going to sleep after having throat surgery only to wake up with a new accent! A Brisbane dentist's voice changed from Aussi to Irish for twelve days. Her friends thought it was a laugh but to her it was a major concern. As accents are mostly formed by changes in the movement of the mouth muscles, this might be partially to blame. Happily for her, she did get her Aussi accent back in the end. 

Easter is here again!

The Bunny is back

Apr 2, 2021 by Contributor - Voice Articles

We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you have a safe holiday and lots of chocolates. Spread the love to all our fellow friends doing it tough and know that we are here for you. 

Time to Connect

Networking that works

Sending some love!

The Sweet sound of love

Time for love and romance. Time for dulcet tones and sweet phrases. Time for gentle breathing and soft sentiments. Time to rest your professional voice and just relax. Enjoy your day.

Back to the Front

We can see you in person and online

Jan 20, 2021 by Contributor - Voice Articles

We are happy to announce that we are back in the office as well as online. So if you are wanting  training...come and get it! We have Covid Safe practices put in place for everyone's safety and comfort. Put a course in your schedule this year. You'll be pleased you did :)


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We've made it through 2020!

 Well done. We're nearly through with 2020. What new adventures are in store for 2021 I wonder. 

Take care of yourself and others and we'll keep on learning together.

Influencers use Vocal Branding

Making the right impression

 We've had some interesting calls lately from several celebrity Influencers who (unfortunately) seem to hate the sound of their voice. Your voice is part of your 'Brand', so it's important you get to know it and love it if you want to come across as warm and authentic. Learning how to breathe properly, adjust your posture,vary your pitch and articulate clearly is a vital part of making the right impression. A little time spent learning now will greatly improve your confidence. 

Learning and Succeeding

Teachers and Students have success!

We have been thrilled with the success of both the teachers and students we have been helping reach their best during the pandemic. Eveyone has had to quickly get up to speed with a new set of virtual skills, yet at the same time remember how to keep their speaking authentic and professional.Not easy, as there are so many distractions. However the teachers at Mosman Prep School and a student client of ours from Sydney Grammar have made it to top of the class. Well done all!

Improve your memory with your voice

Reading aloud makes a big impression

Oct 19, 2020 by Contributor - Voice Articles

You don't have to be a kid to read aloud. Research has discovered that adults who read aloud experience many benefits. Their memory and retention improves, they can understand complex texts more easily and they can strengthen emotional bonds with both the material and other adults. So why not try reading aloud next time you get a book. Maybe you'll get so good at it that you can become an Audiobook Narrator! 


Everyone's online!

Give impressive presentations

We have just masterfully produced some great courses for you . They are all designed to help you teach, train, coach and We are all using different videoconferencing software like Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet, WEbex and how do you use them properly and sound good? We can show you how to come across at your best and to optimise your picture and sound quality. We know it's a bit of a stretch for some people...however we make it easy for you to become comfortable with the new reality on online presenting. Go to to find out more


Fun way to deal with your frustrations!

Come to your balcony and express your feelings!

Sep 1, 2020 by Contributor - Voice Articles

It's the year of the Virus and we are all doing our best to keep calm and carry on. However, some people at a UK prison have come up with a novel way of helping folk vent their frustrations without having to resort to the usual swear words. Enter Shakespeare! The master playwright had his characters use some mightily funny phrases when they were hot under the collar! How about...."churlish-flap-mouthed-foot-licker" or "spleeny-rough-hewn-pigeon egg". To find out more about some choice phrases you can hurl down from your balcony without hurting anyone's the Shakespeare Insult Kit.There are several of them...and they are all hilarious!

Glare in your glasses

I can't see you for the glare!

Here is another thing we noticed when videoconferencing this month. Glaring glasses. This occurs when you have a light placed too close, directly in front of you. The glasses pick up the glare of the reflected light. If you have tinted glasses this makes them look bright blue! What you need to do is place your key light slightly to the side of you. To be really professional you will light yourself from 3 directions. Many of the Influencers we teach use a circular light. Try sitting a little further back from it if you wear glasses or your pupils will contain a reflection of the circle light. Not necessarily the effect you are after! 

Building trust and rapport on Zoom, Teams and Skype

The Eyes Have it

You've had a few months to get good at video conferencing, however we are seeing some easily-fixed problems happening all the time. We're referring to "eye contact" . If you want to build trust and rapport you need to look someone in the eyes directly. Too many of you are looking down or to the side, which is disconcerting to the viewer. Try raising your computer up on a stand or books so that your webcam is either directly at eye level or a little higher. can move the other persons image on the screen to directly below your webcam. This allows you to be looking directly at them. Try it!


We're Covid Safe

Keeping our Clients safe

Jun 20, 2020 by Contributor - Voice Articles

We have been conducting training virtually for several months now and our clients have said it was a resounding success. We congratulate you all on being able to adapt to having your lessons online. It was rather fun actually! However, we do want to get back to more in-person training as soon as we can, so we have undergone a rigourous safety and health audit to make us covid safe. We have put into place a Covid-19 safety plan and have been registered as a NSW Covid Safe Business. We ask you to join with us as we implement our plan to keep you safe. See you soon.

Something a bit different

Using Sound to put out fires

You'd be amazed what sound can do. An engineering firm in Australia has invented a sonic fire extinguisher that uses super-low frequencies to create a vacuum that starves a fire of oxygen and puts it out. We could have done with this invention at the end of last year during the bushfires. Thinking of bushfires...we haven't forgotten our dear clients who got caught up in them. We also salute the Fireys who worked so hard to keep us safe. 

What a year it's been for everyone ! Sending you all our love. 

To Mask or Not to Mask...that is the question.

How to wear a mask and still talk clearly

 May 11, 2020 by Contributor - Voice Articles

It's the question on everyone's lips...but you can't see their lips! How can I wear a mask and communicate clearly at the same time? Depending on the type of mask you're wearing, you'll find a few things that will create a challenge for you when speaking. Firstly, it's weird trying to breathe behind a mask, secondly, as your mouth is hidden it's obviously impossible for people "read your lips".People who are deaf and people who are new to a language rely heavily on lip reading to understand meaning. We suggest, if you can, speak with your eyes and eyebrows and over-enunciate what you are trying to say. Do your best. Hopefully this won't last for too long.