July 31, 2015 - by Jay

Presenting with media- what to do and what not to do

Presenting With Media

Whether youre new to public speaking or havebeen giving presentations for years, its tempting to believe that addingadditional media and incorporating media into your presentations can addversatility, dynamism and extra interest. However, presenting with mediarequires a light touch and careful consideration.


If youre considering having a slideshowbehind you as you speak, or if you are thinking about including a quirky videoor a clip from YouTube into your presentation, ask yourself a series ofquestions to determine whether or not its really necessary, or just an easy way to fill up yourtime as a presenter.


Firstly, ask whether the media youre presenting falls in line with whoyou are and the message you are trying to get across. There is a cleardistinction between something being vaguely connected to your topic and whetherit actively adds value, meaning or emphasis to what you are trying tocommunicate. Sometimes, even a presentation slide can be distracting and derailfocus from what you are trying to get across.


If the media is in line with yourmessage, ask if it is communicating something that you are unable tocommunicate yourself. Is it adding to what you are saying, rather thansimply repeating a part of your message that has already been expressed?


Ask yourself whether the video,presentation or media you want to include is representative of you. Does itchime well with the tone, quality and attitude that you are expressing to youraudience? If the answer is no, it could undermine what you are trying to say.


Finally, consider carefully whetherit is filler material that youare using to take up more time in your presentation. While variety and humourcertainly help in any public presentation, your time is far better spent addingvalue through compelling storytelling, instead of filling up your time with broad,wide-ranging content. The more authentic, genuine and honest you are with youraudience, the more engaged, compelled and impacted they will be by what youhave to say.