July 31, 2015 - by Jay

The real reasons people hire a Voice Coach

The Real Reasons People Hire A Voice Coach

At any given moment, anyone could be in need of a voice coach. Whether youre prepping to give a speech at a wedding,getting ready to present at a corporate event or are an actor who needs to work on their diction and clarity - there are a range of good reasons to work on the sound of your voice.


The real reason, however, is fairly universal. The real reason that people hire a voice coach is because of the inherent need to be heard, and more importantly understood. The only way to be understood, empathised with and truly listened to, is through effective, meaningful communication.


Everybody has a unique, individual way of communicating - it certainly goes beyond just the sound of your voice.It also includes the quality of your voice, the tone, the volume, the way you carry yourself and the words that you choose to express yourself.


Getting complete control over all these elements is not natural to everyone. Whether youre outspoken or shy has no real effect on your ability to communicate clearly - either type can learn how to express themselves with clarity.


Hiring a voice coach means that an outside observer with experience and a cohesive understanding of all the elements that go into communication can make an objective assessment of how you communicate, and can understand both your strengths and your weaknesses fully.


A professional voice coach can guide you to build upon your weaknesses, whether they are related to the sound of your voice or the elements of non verbal communication that you use inherently.They can also help to build your confidence in the areas that you take to naturally, and can lead you to having greater control over how you are understood by your peers.


Hiring a voice coach can unlock your inner voice and allow you to express who you are clearly, powerfully and with greater impact than you previously thought possible.