July 31, 2015 - by Jay

How to give a brilliant online video presentation

How To Give A Brilliant Online Video Presentation

In the age of the internet, a brilliant online video presentation can elevate you and make you an internationally renowned name in your field. Creating these is an art more than a science, but mastering this art is - fortunately - a learned skill that you too can acquire.


There are a number of factors to remember when putting together a stellar online video presentation. First,consider whether the presentation will be live or will be pre-recorded. Each one requires similar skills and features, but a pre-recorded online video presentation gives you a lot more time and lee-way for things to go wrong - you can always record again and re-edit if required.


Some of the elements that you must have perfected are technical and apply to both live and pre-recorded presentations:

1.       Make sure your presentation is well lit. Theres nothing worse than distractingly dark videos that obscure the viewers visual landscape

2.       Invest in good quality sound equipment. If they cant hear you, they will switch off almost instantly

3.       Set the stage correctly. Always make sure that wherever you are being filmed, everything within the frame is clear and uncluttered. The more distractions you have, the less professional and concentrated your message will be.


If you are giving a live presentation, its important to practise in advance to give all of your equipment a realistic dress rehearsal - so you know it wont fail you on the big day. Mistakes and technical glitches happen, but if youve done a run through in advance, youll be prepared for most outcomes.


One of the best ways that you can be sure to give your best performance, is to make sure that all of your material is memorised and is ‘second nature’ to you.Whether live or pre-recorded, if you’ve delivered these words a hundred times before, you’ll be able to focus less on what you’re saying and more on how you’re saying it - which will allow you to add subtlety, nuance and deeper meaning to the ideas and concepts that you’re trying to express. Practise,practise,practise!