July 31, 2015 - by Jay

How to create excellent communicators

How To Create Excellent Communicators

When we think about communicators, we automatically jump to those who are good at expressing themselves and speaking expressively. The truth is, an excellent communicator doesnt do very much speaking at all - the key to creating an excellent communicator is creating an excellent listener.


If you take the time to listen to the conversations that go on around you, youll find that the majority of people arent actively responding to what they hear from their conversation partner. Instead,most people are simply waiting for their turn to speak, rather than listening carefully to what the other person is trying to express.


Once you start hearing this trait in people around you, youll start to notice it everywhere. Most of us are going around waiting to speak and hear our own voices, rather than trying to understand and hear each other.


The reason for this is the same reason why excellent communicators are actually excellent listeners. All of us are desperate to feel heard, understood and listened to. This is almost a biological imperative. For this reason, when you engage in conversation with someone who is listening carefully to you and what youre saying, you tend to come away from the exchange believing that they are incredible conversationalists with a sparkling wit.


You can easily put this understanding into practise in your day to day interactions. Next time you are in a conversation, pay careful attention to your own thoughts. Are you formulating the next quip or conversation piece you want to state after the other person is done? If you catch yourself doing this, zero in on your conversation partner and focus intently on what they have to say. When theyre done, take a breath before you respond, and always respond with a question.


Taking this simple step will put you on the path to becoming an excellent communicator. Youll find that people are more responsive, open and attentive when you are around them, and look forward to speaking with you and hearing what you have to say. Give it a go!