Consulting Skills Intensive (CCI) - 3 Day Course

Consulting Skills Intensive (CCI) - 3 Day Course

Learn how to perform well as a consultant

Course Objectives
Consultants can consult in different ways. Some operate as experts in a particular field. They do studies for their clients, write reports for them and then make recommendations to them.
While this is a model that is very effective in certain situations, we will be pursuing an approach that is more akin to coaching or facilitation.
This orientation involves working with clients to help them produce outcomes. It requires a set of skills and expertise that is rather different. So you will learn how to facilitate and practice coaching behaviours and work with your clients.
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Think and Learn 

Within the context of the coaching style of consulting you will improve your capabilities to:

  •  Facilitate
  •  Conduct research
  •  Work in and with teams
  •  Interview
  •  Manage projects
  •  Analyse information
  •  Manage relationships
  •  Present
  •  Design research
  •  Make things happen

Work on some real case studies

Four case studies will be used through the course to make the material directly relevant to your organisation’s current issues. These case studies will help focus the application of the skills and techniques. This also means that the course can kick start some real business improvements immediately after the course.
Course Approach
The course will weave together several themes as it proceeds:
1. What type of Consultant are you?
Exercises on the first day aim to confront you with what it means to be a consultant. We will explore the different approaches that consultants can take and the benefits they can deliver.
For the rest of the course we will then be learning and practising a coaching or facilitative style of consulting. You will have the opportunity to think about, experience and practice this coaching style throughout the exercises and case studies used.
2. Specific Skill and Technique Development
On each day there will be modules on particular consulting skills and techniques. Generally the sequence follows a typical consulting engagement life cycle.
On the second day the focus will be on facilitation, on understanding the clients issues and their objectives and on research design.

On the third day the emphasis will shift to data gathering and analysis, to the management of client relationships and situations and interviewing.
On the fourth day the focus will be on presentation of your plans and ideas. This will enable you to integrate what you have learned but also demonstrate it to executives.
3. Application through Case Studies
You will work in a team on one of four case studies. These case studies will give you the opportunity to apply the techniques and skills to situations of real benefit to your organisation.
They will also provide a focus for the integration and application of the techniques and skills you will learn.
You will follow your case study through a large part of the life cycle of a consulting engagement.
For more details on this course, which is tailored to your Organisation's exact needs...
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