Emotional Intelligence (EQG)

Emotional Intelligence (EQG)

A great course for anyone... who wants to be emotional intelligent.


A workshop to develop your potential to recognise, manage and de-mystify emotions, increasing your ability to confidently use your humanity and grace in business.

  • Learn how to manage your emotions in “hot” situations
  • Understand the emotions of others and how to control your reactions to them
  • Uncover the secrets of self-motivation
  • Learn how to handle “difficult” people
  • Learn how to value different responses in others
  • Be more in control of your life by training your brain
  • Improve your vocal intelligence
  • Become more effective in your business relationships
  • Feel more comfortable in difficult situations
  • Feel in charge of your life
  • Learn how to be pro-active not reactive.

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What you will learn:

Part 1 Understanding Your Self- as an Emotional being

How to be authentic, respectful, and responsible - by first coming to understand what your "emotional life" consists of.
Exercises in:

Examining Your Emotions
The Physiology and Microbiology of Emotions and Emotional Energy
Tension and time of day
Part 2 Emotional Connection

How to identify emotional states in others and build "emotionally connected" relationships- even with "difficult " people.
Exercises in:

Identifying and generating emotional states
Handling pain and passion in others
Creating trust
Part 3 Self Motivation

How to manage your emotions so you can "feel the fear and do it anyway".
Exercises in:
Building "resource" states
Commitment and character
Sensing future opportunities
Self renewal
And much, MUCH more!
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Scheduled Emotional Intelligence (EQG)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (inc gst)Type
Emotional IntelligenceEQG1 x 8 hr workshop Australiawide $6295per Group