Emotional Value - Customer Service Coaching (EQC)

Emotional Value - Customer Service Coaching (EQC)

Great for anyone... who wants to give outstanding customer service.


This course is designed to develop your ability to create a quality customer service experience for both the customer and yourself. In business today customers want more than just efficiency, they want "emotional value"- the positive feelings that good products and services bring. This in turn reflects directly on your business's bottom line. Good service brings good monetary rewards. Excellent emotional awareness and management of yourself and others is the prerequisite for this type of "emotional value".
In this course you will learn what it takes to communicate "good feelings" and develop meaningful lines of contact - even with a difficult customer. You will discover how the way you behave now may be helping or hindering the process of communication. We will take a good look at body language and how it is used to build rapport and good relationships, as well as listen to your voice and improve how you use it to communicate your ideas. Understanding how to deliver great service one-on-one, and through the telephone and email conversations, will be covered in depth.
After this training session you should expect to feel a lot more confident and positive about your ability to deliver outstanding "emotional value".
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What you will learn:

  • Customer Speak - breathing, diction, vocal variety and projection- making what you say more caring, persuasive and interesting - so that others can understand you when you try to help them.
  • Movement Skills - don’t let your body undermine your message. Learn how to "centre" your body movement to help control your emotions. Also, you will learn how to read the cues of others.
  • Emotional Value - discover what it is and how you can become great at delivering it.
  • Looking after yourself - It's important to realise that you can only deliver great service if you feel good about yourself and the other person. Learn how to get a grip on your emotions and attitude so that you work well solving the problem and helping the person. At the same time, be able to conduct yourself in such a way that the difficult customer learns to respect you, no matter what. 
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Scheduled Emotional Value- Customer Service Coaching (EQC)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (inc gst)Type
Emotional Value-Customer ServiceEQC1 x 4 hr workshop Australiawide $4235per Group