Learn Accents (VAC)

Learn Accents (VAC)

How to learn an accent or dialect the easy way.


Ever wanted to learn an accent? It's much easier than you think.This course is tailored to you so you can develop, practice, play with and perfect an accent.
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What you will learn:
  • Some of you need to learn an accent for a Movie...American perhaps?
  • Some of you need to learn an accent for a Play or a Voiceover job.
  • And some of you want to just have fun!
  • We have some of the best accent and dialect coaches who are standing by, ready to help you sound authentic and brilliant.

  • Give us a call to find out more.

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Course Code Duration Location Cost (gst inc) Type
Learn Accents VAC 4 x 1 hr sessions or 2 x 2 hr sessions Sydney or Zoom $1375 Individual