Presentation Tools (PRO)

Presentation Tools (PRO)

Learn how to design and run great presentations


Learn how to use the latest and greatest presentation software such as Prezi(TM) and PowToons(TM) plus find out how to stop giving Powerpoint(TM)...less presentations. In this course you'll have fun discovering how to use the power of imagery and simplicity to get your message across. Visual presentations should enhance you vocal delivery, not replace it.

We will also introduce you to presentation things you can do on and with your Ipad and iphone that will surprise you! about having your own personal portable camerman in a Swivl(TM) device! Come and find out how you can build, edit and upload your presentations and tutorials to the cloud and distribute them worldwide.

In-house Group Training is also offered.

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In them you will learn…

  • What it takes to make a good presentation.
  • How to conceptualize, design and deliver great content.
  • How to use new software such as Prezi(TM) and PowToons (TM).
  • How to use your Ipad as a prompter.
  • How to use Swivl(TM) to capture your presentations.
  • What needs to happen to use visual aids effectively.
  • How to deal with tech glitches and carry on like a pro.
  • And much, MUCH more!
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Scheduled Presentation Tools (PRO)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (gst inc)Type
Presentation Tools-Half day workshopPRO-H 1 x 4 hr workshop Australiawide $4235per Group
Presentation Tools-Full day workshopPRO-F
1 x 8 hr workshop Australiawide $6295per Group