Presenting You-Dress, Voice, Image and Effect (PRD)

Presenting You-Dress, Voice, Image and Effect (PRD)

Great for executives...who have to look the part.


Ever looked in the mirror and thought you needed an image overhaul? Maybe its time to discover what you can do to quickly look good without having to spend months losing weight or getting that tummy tuck! There are ways to skilfully dress the part without breaking the bank, so that you can communicate with confidence and credibility in business and in your everyday life. This course is designed to give you an overall understanding of how to present yourself properly. The course is conducted in a one-to-one format over a three session period. The first two sessions last for one hour and deal with building your professional image. The final session lasts for two hours, during which you are given a full makeover. During the course you will learn how to dress for success, use your voice well and feel good about yourself as you move forward in the world.
Particularity recommended for those who are seeking further promotion or success in a business or media interview.
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In them you will learn...
  • How to improve your professional image and personal "branding".
  • How to dress for success.
  • How to project competence and confidence with your "look".
  • How to use your voice to best effect.
  • How to handle movement and gesture naturally.
  • Learn how to sit, stand and walk with confidence and style.
  • How to improve your dress and colour choices.
  • How to deliver a clear message of who you are so others will find it easy to show you the respect and appreciation you deserve.

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Scheduled Presenting You-Dress, Voice, Image & Effect (PRD)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (gst inc)Type
Presenting You : Dress,Voice & Image PRD 1 x 1 hr & 1 x 2 hr sessions Sydney $1750Individual