Public Speaking - Group (PSG)

Public Speaking - Group (PSG)

Great for anyone...who wants to speak with confidence.

This course is specifically designed to help you gain confidence and practice in public speaking in a group setting. During the course you will learn how to move easily through anxiety into enjoyment of the process of speaking and sharing your information and yourself. You will discover how to make what you say interesting and informative so that your audience concentrates on the message and not on judging you, the speaker. You will learn different ways to address different types of gatherings; how to organise your ideas; how to use your voice and body to your advantage and how to use microphones correctly. By the end of the course you should expect to feel a lot more confident and enthusiastic about speaking in public.
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What you will learn:
  • Voice Control - breathing, diction, vocal variety and projection- making what you say more thoughtful, powerful, persuasive and interesting-so that others can understand you.

  • Body Control - how to move, gesture and use space effectively. Don’t let your body tensions and bad posture undermine your message.

  • Material Control - how to organise yourself and your material properly for impact and well thought out speech.

  • Self Control - how to get a grip on your emotions and attitude so that you work well and feel confident as a public speaker.
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Scheduled Public Speaking - Group (PSG) Training

Public Speaking-Group TrainingPSG1 x 8 hr workshop Australiawide $1995 ppGroup