VoiceOver and Broadcasting Skills (VOV)

VoiceOver and Broadcasting Skills (VOV)

Great for people... who want to become voiceover artists, presenters or broadcasters.


This course is designed to give you an overall understanding of how to be a voiceover artist or broadcaster. During the course you will learn how to use your voice skilfully to deliver a variety of retail and corporate “reads” for radio and TV (including assorted straight and character voices), to develop the ability to “sight-read”, turning written words into “spoken” English and to conduct yourself confidently and professionally in a recording session. The final session will focus on developing a draft demo CD and a list of contacts in preparation for your launch into the recording world.
Highly recommended.
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What you will learn:

  • These are private sessions designed with your future in mind. In them you will learn…
  • How to optimise the sound of your voice and speak like a star.
  • How to sound convincing, authoritative and persuasive-great for corporate narrations
  • How to read off-the-cuff and make sense of what you're communicating.
  • How to deliver retail, hard sell, soft sell and all sorts of commercial "reads".
  • How to do "funny" voices and accents.
  • How to market yourself to the studios and to clients.
  • Breathing techniques to help you keep in control of what comes out of your mouth.
  • Learn how to speed up or slow down, and how to use inflections and pauses to make what you say more interesting.
  • How to improve your diction and pronunciation.
  • How to deliver a clear message and get the results the client wants 
  • And much, MUCH more
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Scheduled VoiceOver & Broadcasting Skills (VOV)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (gst inc)Type
Voice Over & Broadcasting SkillsVOV4 x 1 hr sessions Sydney $825Individual