A lady who is always Newsworthy !

A woman of style and substance

Female newsreaders have been taking the world by storm for some years now,and one of our dearest is Sandra Sully. We met Sandra when she was blazing the trail for women on Australian TV news. She has added her dulcet tones to documentaries, news stores and speaking events across the nation, and I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from her in the years to come. Hat's off to you madam!

Voiceover Star Series ....Alistair Lee

Alistair turns a blind eye into big bucks

We've taught a great many of Australia's leading voiceover stars to read commercials,narrate documentaries,and deliver the goods by using their voice. However, one guy stands out...for the simple reason he's blind! Nothing stops Al. He just brailles the script and lets that chocolaty voice of his woo you. Come and do a voiceover course with us. It's practical, professional training... and heaps of fun!

Using her voice for good on all stages

The Actress Speaks

We love our Cate. She is the perfect example of how a trained voice should sound. Natural, clear, resonant and full of personality. And it can make you a star too. We enjoyed seeing Cate at work again and wish her well on all her vocal adventures.

The Voices of the Nation go to the Polls

Election frenzy ...politicians tune up!

We have the pleasure of meeting some of our most interesting Pollies up close and personal at The Voice Business. Election fever will soon be here and we're already getting the Nation's leaders warmed up for the win!

When you are an Inspiration , you'll be asked to speak.

Inspirational horsewoman shows blind kids how to communicate.

We met champion dressage equestrienne Sue-Ellen Lovett many years ago when she was asked to tell her inspirational story on the speaking circuit. You could not find a lovelier woman. Blindness has never stopped her, nor her trusty dog and steed, from becoming the top of their game. Learning to communicate her message of courage and endurance was a natural next step . Paralympian Sue-Ellen especially likes to inspire children to pursue their dreams regardless of their impairment, lately taking children on a Blind Touch tour with the beautiful horses of Cavalia.

Weather is improving!

Weather and News woman Sally shines.

Another one of our favourite people from TV land is Sally Bowrey. With her sharp, sassy and intelligent take on the weather, you can be sure Sally's voice will take you through the highs and lows. Having a finite amount of time to reveal the intricacies of the sun and rain, Sally uses vocal variety and clear articulation to get her message through. So good is Sal that she's a hot newsreader too.

The Voice -comes to TV for 2013 season

The Sexy Scotsman is back!

We've known Darren since he was in diapers and needed to be understood to be fed. This guy makes accent reduction an unnecessary art form! We tried though!

School boy speaks his way to success!

Top Speaking Student

We at The Voice Business send a huge congratulations to Robbie Ferguson who has won this year's Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition. Previous winners have been Nick Greiner, Malcolm Turnbull and Adam Spencer, so Robbie's in esteemed company. This school boy is going to get way ahead of the pack, with his communication skills in such fine order. Watch him fly!

Our favourite Iron man needs you!

Ironman uses his voice for good

We love this Iron man. Unflinching in his support of others, Guy Leech has learned to use his voice as brilliantly as he uses his mind and body. He's trying to set another world record this weekend, and he needs your help. Join him on 7.30 am May 4 at Manly Beach.

Tune in to the voice of business.

How to use your Voice in Business

Here are some more vocal insights from The Voice Business.Today,we were invited to appear on the John Stanley Business Show. Tune in to hear our Chief Trainer Juliet Jordan talk about how to use your voice in business. Interesting stuff.

Use your voice in the Outback

The Voice Business in the Outback

Another interview and great voice insights. Asked today to comment today on a recent article featured on April 23 in The Wall Street Journal "Is this how you really talk?", we gave our rich insights from the Aussi perspective. Check out our interview on "Outback Outlook with Chris Jeremy"

Is this how you really talk?

The Voice Business in the news

We at The Voice Business are often asked for interviews and insights.Asked today to comment today on a recent article featured on April 23 in The Wall Street Journal "Is this how you really talk?", we gave our rich insights from the Aussi perspective. Check out our interview on "Have you got he voice to be boss?" http://bit.ly/12MyiY9

Janine Shepherd's TED Talk

Go Janine! TED Talk

Go Janine...we loved helping you make this such a success!

Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn't a broken person

Read Post "I recently returned from the USA where I gave a TEDx talk in Kansas city. The venue at the Kaufman centre was absolutely breathtaking and the audience of 1600 people made it a night to remember.

Last week my talk was put up on the Ted.com site and featured as the talk of the day. It also appeared in the Huffington Post for the weekend feature of TED talks.

My talk is entitled, 'A broken body isn't a broken person', and I have included the link above. it has been viewed over 200 000 times in the past week. Amazing!"

Jess is a beautiful soul

Jessica Rowe is all heart

We met Jess many years ago as she was about to take up her duties at Channel 10. She has shown brilliance, not only in her Newsreading Skill, but as a host, mother and advocate for causes close to her heart. Her voice has never failed her. We wish you nothing but the best Jessica. You are an inspiration to us all.

Miners have to speak too!

Miners find gold in Voice Training

I bet you never thought you'd hear mining and voice training in the same sentence! But guess what, miners have to speak too! The Voice Business has run several successful training courses for our men at the mines and they absolutely loved it, rating us 10 out of 10. Thanks for your generosity and enthusiasm guys...keep Australia booming!

A woman knows best

This lady knows her stuff

One lady who really impressed us was Sarah Wilson. She writes brilliantly, blogging on topics of interest to everyone. She puts in an impressive performance wherever she goes, and speaks well on TV, radio and podcasts. Get her great book "I quit sugar" and improve your health. All good communicators need a healthy body and healthy mind. Go Sarah!

MKR 's Frenchman cooks up a storm

Manu ,by any other name, is just as sweet

We at The Voice Business, love our chefs. They follow the recipe, taste the techniques and bake their talents into delicious dishes. They have french accents, spanish accents, british accents, italian accents and aussi accents....and they all WORK HARD. Manu, Pete, Miguel, Neil, Luke, George, Donna,Guy ....we love you. Catch you for a meal at your place soon.

Voice Over stars of the Future!

Voice Over guys make good

We're thrilled that the latest bunch of our voiceover trainees have gone from strength to strength. They've got great demos, websites are up and careers are unfolding in the Advertising industry. Steady as she goes....well-trained voiceover talent is stampeding your way.

The Big End of Town gets talking.

Corporates send Top Execs for a little vocal TLC.

The guys and gals from the big end of town are secretly sneaking through our front door. They've been told ( ahem...politely..) to DO SOMETHING about their speaking skills. A little upgrading never hurt anyone. Besides, we never tell on you !

Weather Man top of his game

Weatherman tells all

One of our favourite weather men, ABC's Graham Creed, has an incredibly tricky job to do. He has to sound interesting and authoratitive,informative and breezy, all while looking at a weather map that isn't where you think it is. Graham shows you what a trained voice can do when you use vocal variety in your message.May the sun keep shining on your career Graham!